15:00 ( UTC Time )

Φώς - Fos

The Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce

Acropolis Museum

First Virtual Tour of the Museum

Introductory Note

Markos L. Drakotos
The Acropolis is the heart that breathes life into the Eternal Harmony of this world balancing our existence within time and space.  She has endured centuries absorbing energy, refracting it out over this world and the cosmos as a guide leading us to wisdom.  She reveals the truths which humankind can stride over on a path to self-awareness and healing.  Her architectural marvel stands idle in constant transition.  The light, the wind, the dark, the irreverent human hand striking at her yet revealing an even truer, majestic inner beauty.  She cannot die, as what she represents transcends us all.  Never doubt what she represents as she echoes the learned centuries in her quiet stance.  Civilization, democracy, free speech, free thought, and freedom collide against tyranny.  She will continue to represent the symmetry of this world as we fill her missing pieces.

Markos L. Drakotos, Esq. 
Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce
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